Consulting Services—Answers from the Experts

When it comes to fire investigation, there are no pat answers. Often times, more thorough research is required, loss management becomes incredibly complex, or conclusions are not as definitive as they first seemed. That’s when those in the insurance, manufacturing and legal industries rely on the consulting expertise of BlazeFire Investigations.

BlazeFire consulting services offers specific, accurate answers from the experts when it comes to:

  • Large Loss Operations—Fires that result in a large loss, such as a hotel or strip mall, require a multifaceted investigative approach. BlazeFire experts are proficient and experienced in this very complicated type of investigation. READ MORE
  • Case Reviews—A physical fire site may have been demolished years ago, but conclusions can still be drawn from the evidence that remains. BlazeFire investigators will expertly review all surviving data and previous research in order to render an accurate opinion on origin and cause.  READ MORE
  • Code Interpretation—Building codes have evolved dramatically in the past five decades. Liability for structural issues varies between a building erected in 1960 and one built in 2010. BlazeFire experts’ depth of knowledge can assist attorneys and insurance companies in determining if building codes are relevant to the loss.  READ MORE

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